Common questions

Why are you meeting in a community centre?

As a church we value our community and want to support the great things that are already happening here in Everton.  We work together with the BNENC to help local residents in various ways, and so it was an obvious place for us to start our Sunday morning meetings.  They have been very welcoming.

When Christianity started it was illegal, so the church never had special church buildings – they just met in homes, or any space that was big enough, so that is why we are meeting in the BNENC Gym – we are now too big to fit in a house.

Is this a real church?

When most people think ‘church’, they think of a special building and possibly special people in special clothes.  But the Bible teaches that a church is all about people.  A church is Christians meeting together with properly appointed leaders who explain the bible so that everyone can find out more about Jesus, respond to him, and encourage each other to trust what he has done.

We enjoy strong relationships with other churches in the city, especially Christ Church Liverpool. We are also linked in with many other networks and partnerships.

I am not a Christian, can I just come and sit at the back?

Of course!  We have started this church for people who don’t normally go to church, you would be really welcome to come along.

Do you run anything for Children?

Yes.  We have a Sunday School for Children aged 0-11 years old.  For more details click here.

Do I need to get dressed up?

You don’t need to wear any special clothes or get dressed up, everyone is welcome.