What happens on Sundays?

You would be really welcome to come to one of our Sunday meetings.  We are trying to run our church in a way that helps everyone to feel at home, even if you have never been to church before.

A typical Sunday morning looks like this:

10.15 Tea and toast is served, we think it’s great to hang out with the church family, so most people arrive before the meeting starts to have a drink and some toast and catch up on whats happening in each others  lives

10.30 More people arrive and spend about 5 minutes grabbing a drink and getting a seat in the Gym.

10:40 Someone welcomes everyone and explains what is going to happen for the next hour. We might sing a song or two to remind each other of some great truths.  These first 20 minutes are designed for all the family, with special things for the kids to do.

11:00 Children (who want to) go out with our team of experienced leaders. For more information have a look here.  The rest of us listen to the Bible being read, followed by teaching from that bit of the Bible. Afterwards, there’s usually a chance for comments or questions.

11.30 After looking at the Bible we will spend some time responding to what we have heard, we will often sing.

 11:45 The end. Though we will always hang around afterwards for another drink and a tasty snack.

After a while we tidy up and go home to have some lunch.  If you don’t have any plans you will always be welcome round someones house for lunch.