Athanasius: Waves of Mercy

This is the last in our series on Athanasius. We are going to listen in on his explanation to why the Son of God came to earth. It’s a bit of a hard read (it helps to read it out loud) but I find this a really encouraging and heart warming quote.   Why did the Son of God come:

He, indeed, assumed humanity that we might become God. He manifested Himself by means of a body in order that we might perceive the Mind of the unseen Father. He endured shame from men that we might inherit immortality. He Himself was unhurt by this, for He is impassable and incorruptible; but by His own impassability He kept and healed the suffering men on whose account He thus endured.

In short, such and so many are the Savior’s achievements that follow from His Incarnation, that to try to number them is like gazing at the open sea and trying to count the waves. One cannot see all the waves with one’s eyes, for when one tries to do so those that are following on baffle one’s senses. Even so, when one wants to take in all the achievements of Christ in the body, one cannot do so, even by reckoning them up, for the things that transcend one’s thought are always more than those one thinks that one has grasped.

Athanasius on the incarnation

Why spend some time trying and count the waves of God’s grace to us in Christ?

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